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9.40.45. Certification by Suppliers

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  1. For each procurement under the PSAB, suppliers will be required to provide, with their bid/offer/arrangement, a certification stating that they meet the definition of an Aboriginal business, according to the definition provided, on the date that the bid/offer/arrangement was submitted, and an undertaking that the business will continue to meet this definition throughout the life of the contract.
  2. For a procurement subject to a PSAB set-aside, the contracting officer must insert in the solicitation, the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual clauses A3000T, M9030T or S3035T, and A3001T, M3030T or S3036T, as appropriate. These clauses reference Annex 9.4: Requirements for the Set-aside Program for Aboriginal Business, which sets out the definitions of an "Aboriginal business" and an "Aboriginal person".
  3. SACC Manual clauses A3000T, M9030T and S3035T contain a certification that suppliers must complete and submit with their bid/offer/arrangement. Failure by suppliers to submit this completed certification form with their bids/offers/arrangements will render the bid/offer/arrangement non-responsive.
  4. If a bidder/offeror/supplier has indicated in its bid/offer/arrangement that the Aboriginal business has six or more full-time employees, the contracting officer may request, during the evaluation or after, that a bidder/offeror/supplier submit an Owner/Employee Certification (detailed within SACC Manual clause A3001T or M3030T or S3036T), for each owner and/or full-time employee who is Aboriginal.
  5. It is not the responsibility of the contracting officer to verify the supplier's certifications. In instances where the contracting officer questions the validity of a certification, the particulars must be referred to Aboriginal Procurement and Business Promotion Directorate, AANDC, for audit by Audit Services Canada (ASC). (See 9.40.50(e).)
  6. Any resulting contract awarded on the basis of the supplier being Aboriginal must include SACC Manual clause A3000C.