Register as a Supplier

Attention! CanadaBuys is the new official source for Government of Canada tender and award notices. This means you can now search for and bid on tender opportunities posted on CanadaBuys.

Suppliers register in SAP Ariba today!

Register now to ensure you transition to doing business with the new Government of Canada procurement service. Find out how to get started.

The Government is moving federal procurement online, and changing the way government and suppliers interact to buy and sell goods and services.

During this transition, you may be able to bid on some tender opportunities through the electronic procurement solution (on the SAP Ariba web-based tool), while others will continue to require bid submission through other methods such as a Public Services Procurement Canada (PSPC) bid receiving unit or electronically through the Canada Post Connect application. Each procurement opportunity will clearly detail the delivery method to be used to submit a bid.

There are two types of registration for suppliers:

  1. Register in Supplier Registration Information (SRI) to obtain your procurement business number. This number is currently required for award of contracts that are not processed through the e-procurement solution. Find out more about registering in Supplier Registration Information (SRI).
  2. Register in SAP Ariba to prepare for the Government’s move to electronic procurement. Find out more about registering in SAP Ariba.

Other methods of supply

Various databases (such as ProServices and SELECT) allow contracting officers to purchase up to $100,000 of professional services and real property consulting services and up to $100,000 for construction services without publishing on Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS)

For more information on these database systems, consult the Register to Provide Services Web page.