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July 2017

Date Title
2017/07/21 Service upgrades complete 2017-07-21
2017/07/20 Website service advisory: 2017-07-20
2017/07/17 Attention Government of Canada suppliers and buyers: Public Services and Procurement Canada is introducing a Phased Bid Compliance Process
2017/07/12 Website service advisory: 2017-07-12
2017/07/12 service interruption of July 12, 2017 is now resolved
2017/07/12 A new pilot initiative for Canadian innovators
2017/07/07 Service upgrades complete 2017-07-07
2017/07/07 Entry into force of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) and replacement of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT)
2017/07/06 Notice to suppliers—Attend the Industry Day for the Justice Canada help desk services solution July 20, 2017
2017/07/06 Website service advisory: 2017-07-06
2017/07/05 Service upgrades complete 2017-07-05
2017/07/04 Website service advisory: 2017-07-04
2017/07/04 Tenders published on Canada Day

June 2017

Date Title
2017/06/30 New! Sign up for the new email notification service now available on
2017/06/30 Tenders will not be published on Canada Day holiday Monday, July 3, 2017
2017/06/29 Website service advisory: 2017-06-29
2017/06/21 The Canadian Free Trade Agreement coming July 1, 2017
2017/06/15 Tenders will be published on Quebec Saint-Jean-Baptiste holiday June 26, 2017 but support will be limited

May 2017

Date Title
2017/05/31 New federal-provincial-territorial collaborative procurement initiative: learn what’s in it for you
2017/05/25 Supplier update: The Public Services and Procurement Canada administrative clean-up is now finished

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