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Once you have registered in the Supplier Registration Information (SRI), you can register in the other databases. Remember that these database systems use the Procurement Business Number (PBN) as their supplier identifier; therefore, ensure that you have your PBN within easy reach when ready to register.

Your Supplier Registration Information

The SRI system is a database of registered companies interested in selling to the federal government.

Manage your SRI account

You need to register in SRI to:

  • Obtain your PBN which is a mandatory requirement to do business with the federal government;
  • Register in other Public Works and Government Services Canada registration databases such as, SELECT, ProServices and the Translation Bureau.

Additional information may be required to register in other systems, depending on the requirements of the purchasing organization, and whether there is a requirement to pre-qualify businesses before their registration is considered complete.

Your accounts for providing services

Services provided Database or Method of Supply
  • Architectural and engineering consulting services
  • Construction
  • Real property maintenance and consulting
  • Human resources services
  • Business consulting
  • Change management and project management services
Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS)
  • Informatics professional services
  • Professional Services (non-IT)
  • Informatics security services
Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA)
  • Specific information technology services
Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS)
  • Temporary help services
Temporary Help Services (THS)
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Terminology
  • Word processing
Directory of linguistic services suppliers - Translation Bureau

Transition to electronic procurement

The Government is moving federal procurement online. During this transition, you may be able to bid on some tender opportunities through the electronic procurement solution. Find out more.