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What is the Supplier Registration Information (SRI) system?

The Supplier Registration Information (SRI) system is a database of registered companies interested in selling to the federal government. By registering in SRI, you make your company's name and supply capabilities widely known to federal departments and agencies, who may use the system to identify sources of supply for the goods and services they buy.

For requirements subject to trade agreements, they publish their notices of proposed procurement on the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS).

Why do I need to register in SRI?

You need to register in SRI to:

  • Obtain your Procurement Business Number (PBN). This number is currently required for bids that are not processed through SAP Ariba;
  • Register in other Public Works and Government Services Canada registration databases such as, SELECT, ProServices and the Translation Bureau.

Additional information may be required to register in other systems, depending on the requirements of the purchasing organization, and whether there is a requirement to pre-qualify businesses before their registration is considered complete.

How do I register in SRI?

Before registering in SRI, you need to have the following Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) information:

  • Your Business Number (BN) or Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) number. The first nine digits of your GST/HST number are your Business Number (eg: 123456789RT0001).
  • Your business Legal Name as registered with CRA. If you are a sole proprietor, then your name is your Legal Name.

If you do not have a BN, please access the How to register:

Step 1: Create my account

  • To register in SRI, enter your Business Number (BN), then your Legal Name.
  • After you have completed Step 1, you will receive an email containing your Procurement Business Number (PBN) and you will be asked to return to the SRI to continue your registration.

Step 2: Complete my registration

Return to the SRI registration page and click on "Access my account".

Make sure you keep your account up to date

Any change in your Legal Name must first be done in the CRA system before we can change it in the SRI. Once the change is done in the CRA system, you may request that the same change be made in your SRI account by sending us an email at:

What is the Procurement Business Number (PBN)?

The Procurement Business Number (PBN), an important feature in SRI, is based on your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number and uniquely identifies your business in our procurement and payment systems.

Need Help? Don't remember your password?

Contact the InfoLine at 1-800-811-1148 or a Supplier Registration Information Agent in your region.

What do I do after I have registered?

  • Find tender opportunities on GETS
  • Register to provide services
  • The Government is moving federal procurement online. During this transition, you may be able to bid on some tender opportunities through the electronic procurement solution. Find out more.