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How do I register?

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) operates the following online database systems: the Supplier Registration Information (SRI), ProServices and SELECT.

Supplier Registration Information (SRI)

In order to register in ProServices and SELECT, you must first have a Procurement Business Number (PBN), which you obtain by registering in SRI. The PBN is an important feature in SRI, and is based on your Canada Revenue Agency business number and uniquely identifies your business in our procurement and payment systems.


Client departments and agencies use ProServices to search for potential suppliers for professional services valued below the Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement threshold and not posted on the Tenders minisite.


PWGSC contracting officers officers use SELECT to invite suppliers to bid, on a rotational basis, on real property consulting services and construction services valued below $100,000. If you are interested in these types of requirements, you must register with SELECT as they are not posted on the Tenders minisite, unless the requirement is over the dollar threshold detailed above.

Where do I go to register?

Once you have registered in the SRI, you can register in the other databases. Remember that these database systems use the PBN as their supplier identifier; therefore, ensure that you have your PBN within easy reach when ready to register.

The following table will help you to find the appropriate database and/or method of supply to promote your services.

Services provided Database or Method of Supply
  • Architectural and engineering consulting services
  • Construction
  • Real property maintenance and consulting
  • Human resources services
  • Business consulting
  • Change management and project management services
Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS)
  • Informatics professional services
  • Professional Services (non-IT)
  • Informatics security services
Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA)
  • Specific information technology services
Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS)
  • Temporary help services
Temporary Help Services (THS)
  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Terminology
  • Word processing
Directory of linguistic services suppliers - Translation Bureau

What is the Indigenous Business Directory?

The Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business (PSIB) is the Government of Canada's policy to support under-represented Indigenous businesses with procurement opportunities.

The Indigenous Business Directory (IBD) is designed to assist and support Indigenous businesses in the pursuit of business opportunities, including federal procurement. For more information on how to register in the directory, please visit the IBD Web page.