Procurement Advice and Support

Acquisitions Branch, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), provides advice and support to help federal government departments and agencies achieve their procurement objectives.

Advice and support includes:

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Dedicated account managers for your organization

Dedicated account managers are assigned to each department and agency to provide advice and solutions and work with them to:

  • understand their procurement processes and practices;
  • develop a plan to identify opportunities for improved procurement;
  • create a strategy to help achieve their procurement goals; and
  • liaise with PWGSC sectors on their behalf to make the procurement process as transparent as possible.

Contact your account manager.

Managing goods and services

Goods and services management is a program that develops national procurement strategies designed to improve the procurement process, while respecting federal procurement regulatory and policy requirements. Having a goods and services management strategy ensures:

  • standardization and simplification of the purchasing process through the creation of standing offers and supply arrangements;
  • a reduction in the total costs of goods and services while maintaining or improving the level of quality, service, and technology;
  • a stable source of supply;
  • a procurement strategy based on a strategic decision making process;
  • best value for Canadians in an open, fair and transparent way; and
  • adherence to socio-economic and environmental objectives.

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Managing your organization's spend

Client Engagement’s Spend, Reporting and Market Analysis Directorate manages procurement information on a government-wide basis and supports goods and services management through improved knowledge of what the government buys, how much it buys, when it buys it and from whom.

The Spend Management team also helps individual departments and agencies find better ways to coordinate and manage their spend in order to:

  • identify spending patterns and trends;
  • plan future spending;
  • advance the delivery of procurement initiatives; and
  • track savings.

Contact your account manager who can connect you to the Spend Management team.

Learn more about managing your spend.

Greening your procurement

Acquisitions Branch supports federal departments and agencies in meeting their green procurement targets and enabling them to purchase goods and services that are more preferable to the environment.

Set within the Acquisitions Branch, the Green Procurement Team has the mandate to coordinate and support the implementation of the Policy on Green Procurement throughout its operations.

Learn more about greening your procurement.

Guiding the evolution of procurement services

The ADM Advisory Committee on Procurement Modernization provides advice to the PWGSC Deputy Minister on how procurement services should evolve to deliver best value to the Government of Canada. The members of the Committee include one ADM responsible for procurement or related programs, from various departments and agencies.

The committee’s mandate includes assessing the current procurement environment, discussing procurement initiatives and strategies, and looking for ways to improve the Government of Canada's procurement function.

To learn more about the committee, see the Terms of Reference. Meeting agendas are available on GCpedia.

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Sharing procurement best practices

Acquisitions Branch's Client Advisory Board (CAB), is a pivotal forum for the discussion of procurement related news and issues. It is attended by designated procurement representatives from participating departments and agencies and PWGSC.

For several years now, CAB members have been working together in an open forum to offer advice and make suggestions to improve the way procurement is done. Members discuss proposed procurement initiatives and new PWGSC tools and services. Participants can raise issues, provide advice and share best practices. These focused activities are leading to better management of procurement for all government stakeholders.

More about the role of CAB is available in the Client Advisory Board Terms of Reference. Meeting agendas, minutes and presentations are available on the Procurement Community on GCpedia.

Include your organization in the CAB by contacting:

Collaborating and networking on GCpedia

Collaborate and network with your procurement colleagues across government on the Procurement Community on GCpedia, if you are interested in:

  • developing new contacts;
  • sharing your procurement knowledge and ideas;
  • discussing challenges and solutions; and
  • getting valuable feedback.

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