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Proper bid evaluation and contractor selection methods ensure that all contractors are treated fairly and justly in the procurement process.

Table of Contents

What is the bid evaluation plan?

The bid evaluation plan is established in consultation and with the agreement of the client, prior to issuance of the bid solicitation. The purpose of the bid evaluation plan is to clearly document on the procurement file:

  • the bid evaluation criteria
  • their respective weighing factors
  • the scoring method that will be used to determine which bid best meets the requirement
  • the scoring grid against which these evaluation criteria will be evaluated

The evaluation plan will be the basis for auditing the fairness of the evaluation process. The details of the evaluation plan will be for Departmental internal use only.

Important: Under no circumstances will the proposal evaluation plan be changed after the proposal closing date.

What is included in the bid evaluation plan?

The evaluation plan must include:

  • Evaluation method
  • Evaluation criteria, sub-criteria, and respective weight factors if applicable
  • Contractor selection method

How do I develop the bid evaluation criteria?

The development of bid evaluation criteria and contractor selection methods is a critical step in the procurement process. The contracting officer and the client must work closely together to establish the criteria before issuing the bid solicitation. Criteria to evaluate and differentiate between proposals must be developed in order to ensure the complete and fair consideration of all bids.

The development of bid evaluation criteria and choice of contractor selection methods should take into consideration many factors. These include but are not restricted to:

  • the nature of the requirement
  • the ability of the client authority to articulate the requirement in a clear and concise manner
  • the ability to identify relevant evaluation criteria
  • how realistic and measurable are the criteria

The evaluation criteria and contractor selection method established must be tailored to the specific requirement in order to ensure intended and appropriate end results are achieved to meet the client needs.

Treasury Board states that firms considered qualified are those, which have the technical, financial and managerial competence.

What are the different bid evaluation methods?

The evaluation team must evaluate the technical proposal in accordance with evaluation criteria outlined in the solicitation document. Three methods of evaluation may be used:

Minimum mandatory criteria requirements only

This means that to be responsive, a proposal must meet all the mandatory criteria specified in the solicitation document.

Point-rated criteria requirements only

This means that to be considered responsive, a bid must obtain the required minimum score on the point-rated criteria.

Combination of minimum mandatory and point-rated requirements

This means that to be considered responsive, a bid must meet all the specified mandatory requirements, and obtain the required minimum score on the point-rated criteria.

For more information

For more information, please see the PWGSC Supply Manual, Chapter 5: Evaluation and Selecting the Contractor.