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Find information

The following information can help you find answers to some commonly asked questions about doing business with the Government of Canada:

  • Search: Use plain language keywords to Search to find procurement information. Read our Search tips to improve your results.
  • Register as a Supplier: To learn how to register to get your Procurement Business Number (PBN), how to access your SRI account, and find contact information, please visit the web page Register as a Supplier.
  • Tenders: To learn how to search, find, and follow Government of Canada tender notices and awards, please visit the Tenders Get Started page.
  • Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN): To learn how to navigate across procurement data and find contact information for the division responsible for the procurement of your good or service, please visit the Get Started with GSIN Codes page.
  • Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements (SOSA): To learn how to find information about businesses that are currently pre-qualified by PWGSC to supply goods and services to the Government of Canada, please visit the Get Started with SOSA page.
  • Contract History: To learn how to search for PWGSC awarded contracts, please visit the Get Started with Contract History page.

Search tips

Follow these suggestions to improve your search results:

  • Check if your spelling is correct, or try resetting the filter selection box.
  • Your search terms must be less than or equal to 255 characters.
  • Use of quotation marks:
    • Use quotation marks around a phrase or concept of one or more words to ensure that the exact phrase or concept is searched for as a whole and not picked apart by the search engine.
    • Remove quotation marks around a phrase or concept to match each word individually. For example "blue drop" will match less than blue drop.
  • Separate your keywords with Boolean search operators OR, NOT, AND. Note: Boolean operators must be ALL CAPS. For example:
    • ocean OR river will broaden search results and retrieve records that contain the word ocean or river
    • ocean NOT Atlantic will narrow search results and retrieve records that contain the word ocean, but will exclude anything containing Atlantic
    • Atlantic ocean AND river will narrow search results and return records that contain both Atlantic ocean and river.


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