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What is the Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS)?

The Government Electronic Tendering Service (GETS) is the official and free source suppliers should rely on to find Government of Canada tenders.

Who uses GETS?

Federal departments and agencies must use GETS to advertise their requirements subject to any of the trade agreements (some use it as well for other requirements).

Suppliers use GETS to view and access bid solicitations and search for bid opportunities.

What are the thresholds for publishing bid opportunities on GETS?

The Government of Canada is a signatory to various trade agreements, and these have an impact on procurement activities. Bid opportunities that are subject to any of Canada’s trade agreements are published on GETS. Bid opportunities may be subject to a trade agreement if their estimated value is equal to or above the dollar thresholds of the trade agreement.

The table below summarizes the thresholds of three notable trade agreements. Please note that these thresholds are periodically revised and are subject to change.

Trade Agreement Dollar Thresholds - Federal Departments and Agencies - valid until December 31, 2021
Agreement Goods Services Construction
Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) $26,400 CAD $105,700 CAD $105,700 CAD
Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement $100,000 CAD $100,000 CAD $9,100,000 CAD
World Trade Organization Agreement on Government Procurement (WTO-AGP) $238,000 CAD $238,000 CAD $9,100,000 CAD

For further information on determining whether a trade agreement applies to a procurement, see Section 1.25.3 of the PWGSC Supply Manual.

Where can I find other bid opportunities?

Some bid opportunities are not published on GETS. Electronic databases such as the Supplier Registration Information, ProServices and SELECT can be used by contracting officers for opportunities that fall below the trade agreement thresholds.

For more information about these registration systems, visit the Register for Methods of Supply Web page.