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The Government of Canada purchases approximately $16.05 billion worth of goods and services every year. As the government's main buyer of goods and services (including construction), PWGSC helps federal departments and agencies define their requirements or scope of work, and obtain what they need at the best value.

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Find the Goods and Services Identification Number (GSIN) Codes related to your business to navigate across procurement data. Browse GSIN Codes.

All of the procurement data on, including Tenders, Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements, and Contract History are tagged with GSIN codes. If you know the GSIN code(s) that relate to your business, you can search for opportunities or other procurement information using these codes. Access the Get Started with GSIN Codes page to learn how to find GSIN codes related to your industry.

Below find information, tools, resources, and methods of supply by good or service category. Find below, listed alphabetically by category, methods of supply by good or service.

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View, bid and buy surplus government property from GCSurplus.

Get detailed information about the Government of Canada's major and complex procurements

Public Works and Government Services Canada - Projected Major Procurement Activities for Fiscal Year 2013/2014.

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