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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are actions you can do to get better results.

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Default Behaviour

Search automatically looks for all of the terms you use for keywords. If you search the term stainless steel your search results will contain both the words stainless and steel.

Search terms are stemmed to find words with the same base word. If you search for the word electrical your search results could instead contain the word electric.

Searches are not case-sensitive.

Search queries must be under 255 characters.

Basic search

Broaden your search

If you don’t see any results, or just a few that aren’t what you are looking for, try using a more generic term or a synonym. You can also remove filters to see a wider range of results.

Narrow your search

If you see too many results, try adding more relevant words to your search. You can also apply filters to your search to find tenders that fit specific criteria. On the left side of the page, you can select options to only see tenders with that information.

Advanced Search Options

In the search box you can use different operators to return specific results.

To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks “ ”.
Example: “social media” will only show results that contain the full phrase social media. You will not get results that contain social and media separately.

To search for any of the words, use OR between words.
Example: ocean OR river will show results that contain either ocean or river. Results that only have one of the words will appear as well.

To exclude a word from a search, use NOT between words.
Example: ocean NOT Atlantic will show results that contain ocean but not Atlantic.

To include all words in your search use AND between words.
Example: ocean AND river will show results that contain both ocean and river.

Sort results by

Best match: How close the result is to the keyword you entered
Date posted: The date a result first appeared on the site.
Date modified: The date a result was last changed on the site.