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How to search and follow tenders

Learn how to search, get amendment updates and match opportunities to your business at the Get Started page.

Alternatively, you may also use the visual cues and read the step-by-step instructions to learn:

What do the metrics on the tenders page mean?

Find the definitions for the metrics found on tender notice pages on the Tender Frequently Asked Questions page.

Questions about tenders

If you have a question concerning please see the Tenders Contacts page.


  • We are currently working to improve and refine the functionality of Please visit the Tenders Service Updates page daily to see what we are working on and to check our progress. You may also follow tenders related news by Web Feed icon subscribing to this feed.
  • Want to improve your bidding strategy? Read about the new PWGSC Learning from Bids Service.
  • Learn how to follow an unlimited number of tenders to get updates on new amendments in the Follow Opportunities page.
  • Find your competition or possible bid partners in the Get Started page.
  • Learn how to navigate between different types of procurement data (tenders, contract history and Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements) in the Get Started page.
  • Download all of’s procurement data as open data (.csv) to distribute or republish on another Web site on the Download Tenders Data page.

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