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9.35.85. Solicitations

  1. Clauses W0001T to W0003D in Subsection 5.W of the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions (SACC) Manual, have been developed for solicitations, contracts and standing offers that involve unspecified final delivery locations within land claims settlement areas.
  2. If a CLCA provides its beneficiaries with a right of first refusal for the procurement, and therefore the procurement is reserved for those CLCA beneficiaries, then the contracting officer must insert clause W0005T at the beginning of the solicitation.
  3. Although additional CLCA clauses are available in Subsection 5.W of the SACC Manual, contracting officers should seek assistance with these clauses in accordance with subsection g. of 9.35.1 General information on Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements.