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9.30. Purchases from CORCAN

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  1. Correctional Service Canada (CSC) has sponsored a rehabilitation program within its institutions designed to train inmates so that after their release, they have a better chance of obtaining employment, based on the experience gained while in the program. This program is known as CORCAN. CORCAN is a key rehabilitation program of CSC. It is mandated to provide employment training and employability skills to offenders in federal correctional institutions in support of the social policy of the Government of Canada.
  2. From an acquisition perspective CORCAN has a dual role, one as a purchaser of goods and services that it uses in its production and operations, and the other as a supplier of goods and services to federal government departments, agencies and Crown corporations.

9.30.1 Requisition Receipt


When in receipt of a requisition for goods and services that are available from CORCAN, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) contracting officers, whenever possible and in recognition of the potential benefits to Canada, will recommend to the client that CORCAN be considered as a source of supply. The opportunity to consider acquiring goods and services from CORCAN will be promoted regardless of whether PWGSC has issued a mandatory procurement instrument for such requirement.

9.30.5 Memorandum of Understanding


The Memorandum of Understanding between Public Works and Government Services Canada and CORCAN (as a supplier) expired; therefore this section has been deleted from the Supply Manual. General information about the process has been updated and is provided in section 9.30.10 Implementation.

For reference purpose only, section 9.30.5 is available in the Supply Manual ArchiveThe information is only accessible to federal government department and agency employees., Version 2014-4.

9.30.10 Implementation


  1. Since acquisitions from CORCAN are considered "transfers" of goods and services between federal organizations, they are not contracts within the meaning of the Government Contracts Regulations (GCRs) and the Treasury Board (TB) Contracting Policy. The procurement provisions of the trade agreements do not apply to a "transfer" between CORCAN and the Government of Canada; these transactions are not procurements and as such are excluded from the application of the trade agreements. Furthermore, Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements do not apply on these transactions.
  2. If a department, agency or Crown corporation is satisfied that a particular good or service offered by CORCAN provides good value, and funds are available, then the acquisition may take place without calling for bids and without reference to the traditional Treasury Board contract entry levels.
  3. But if a department, agency or Crown corporation decides to use Public Works and Government Services Canada, Acquisitions Branch (AB) as the contracting authority, AB internal policies apply. In this case, even though arrangements with CORCAN are not governed by the GCRs and the TB Contracting Policy, all existing departmental limits governing the approval of entry into and signing of contract apply.
  4. Documentation of an acquisition from CORCAN takes the form of a "Stores Transfer Order".
  5. Additional information on how federal organizations can acquire goods and services directly from CORCAN can be obtained by contacting a local CORCAN sales representative at 1-800-267-0354 or by visiting the CORCAN website.