8.75.1. Reporting for Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements

Attention! As the transition to CanadaBuys is ongoing, Supply Manual references to ABE are to be interpreted as a generic system reference only. Users of the SAP Ariba environment should adapt their activities accordingly.

Buyers are advised to consult the tools available on CanadaBuys for guidance and procedures on completing procurement transactions in the SAP Ariba environment.

  1. Contracting officers must ensure that the supplier fulfills all reporting requirements in the standing offer (SO)/supply arrangement (SA), as applicable.  Typically, suppliers must report on a quarterly basis on the call-up/contract activities.  Such reports may contain, but are not limited to, the following information:
    1. the standing offer/supply arrangement number;
    2. the supplier name;
    3. the reporting period;
    4. the call-up/contract number for each call-up/contract, including amendments;
    5. the client department;
    6. the contracting authority;
    7. the date of the call-up/contract;
    8. the call-up/contract period;
    9. the line items acquired/services provided;
    10. the value of the call-up/contract, Goods or Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax included, as applicable.
  2. Each standing offer/supply arrangement should clearly describe the reporting requirements for the supplier, as applicable, and must indicate the timeframe by which each report must be submitted after the reporting period. For that purpose, contracting officers must insert Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions Manual clauses M7010C in their standing offer and S0010C in their supply arrangement.
  3. Reporting Requirements for Client Departments
    Contracting officers must ensure that client departments fulfill all reporting requirements as identified users of the standing offer/supply arrangement, as applicable, in a timely fashion. Client departments may be required to provide more detailed reports than those required of suppliers and include information regarding bid solicitation, supplier responses and selection of successful bidder(s). These reports provide contracting officers with valuable information on the effectiveness of these methods of supply.