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8.70.2. Compliance with the Integrity Provisions

  1. As stated in the Ineligibility and Suspension Policy the contractors, offerors or suppliers must notify the Registrar of ineligibility and suspension (the Registrar), in writing, within 10 business days, of any criminal charges, convictions or other circumstances as described in the Policy with respect to themselves, their affiliates and their first tier subcontractors, as well as any change affecting the list of directors or corporate owners.
  2. Where non-compliance with the Integrity Provisions is identified during the period of the contract (including contracts with task authorizations, standing offers or supply arrangements), the contracting officer must consider, after weighing the impact on operational requirements and having regard to any representation made by the contractor, terminating the contract for default, setting aside the standing offer and terminating any call-ups, or canceling the supply arrangement and terminating any resulting contracts issued by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).
    1. If informed by the Registrar that a contractor has been determined ineligible or suspended, the contracting officer must contact the Acquisitions Program Integrity Secretariat (APIS), by e-mail at for assistance.
    2. Where a contract is terminated for default for reasons of non-compliance with the Integrity Provisions, the contracting officer must provide the contractor with a notice period of no less than two weeks that the contract is being terminated. During this time, the contractor may make representations on such matters as maintaining the contract.
    3. A contractor subject to a termination for non-compliance with the Integrity Provisions may be required to enter into an Administrative Agreement with PWGSC, as an alternative to termination. Administrative Agreements are negotiated by the Departmental Oversight Branch (DOB) of PWGSC, and the terms and conditions are within the sole discretion of DOB.
  3. For the approval of procurement instruments, contracts, supply arrangements, standing offers, as well as for contract assignments where the supplier has been determined to be ineligible or suspended, see section 1.1 Exceptions to Internal Approval Authorities of Annex 6.4.1 Approval Authorities and Additional Signing Authorities in Support of Clients' Programs Only – Other than for Canadian Commercial Corporation.