8.180.10. Definitions

Attention! As the transition to CanadaBuys is ongoing, Supply Manual references to ABE are to be interpreted as a generic system reference only. Users of the SAP Ariba environment should adapt their activities accordingly.

Buyers are advised to consult the tools available on CanadaBuys for guidance and procedures on completing procurement transactions in the SAP Ariba environment.

For the purpose of the generic process in this policy, the following terms or expressions have the following meaning:

  1. Conditional amendment: refers to an amendment to a contract being made for operational reasons in lieu of a termination for default or a partial termination for default because of poor performance. This type of amendment may only be considered when the contracting officer is ready to terminate (full or partial) for default. It is an alternative to immediate termination for default. If not accepted by the vendor, the termination for default will be issued.
  2. Poor performance: means anything less than full performance of a contract by a vendor that results in either a termination for default or a conditional amendment. In both situations the vendor is primarily responsible for the poor performance. This definition extends to all aspects of performance that the contracting officer and the client want to consider and specify for evaluating the vendor's performance during the contract. (Terminations for default also include partial terminations for default.)
  3. Vendor Performance Corrective Measure (VPCM): is a condition or limitation placed on a vendor's ability to contract with Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) in the future on the basis of PWGSC's assessment of the vendor’s past performance. The VPCM affects the vendor’s eligibility for consideration for award of contracts and issuance of contract amendments.
  4. Expiry date of the standing offer: means the date upon which the standing offer has ended or the date the standing offer is permanently set-aside, whichever occurs first.
  5. Vendor Information Management System (VIM):  is a database available to the users of the Automated Buyer Environment (ABE). It stores vendor information including VPCMP notes and VPCMs.