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Public Services and Procurement Canada

7.30.5. Procurement activity reporting to Treasury Board Secretariat

  1. In 1996, Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) agreed with the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) that PWGSC would be responsible for collecting contract data from other government departments and agencies to generate the annual procurement activity reports. This annual activity entails the reporting of the following:
    1. federal contracting (on behalf of the Treasury Board Secretariat);
    2. federal contracting in respect of all Trade Agreements to which Canada is a signatory (on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade);
    3. federal contracting in respect of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement and the Ownership of Intellectual Property (on behalf of the Department of Industry); and
    4. all procurements related to the Procurement for Aboriginal Business (on behalf of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada).
  2. The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises and Strategic Engagement (OSME-SE) is responsible for assembling contract activity data based on input submitted from all departments and agencies. This information is then provided to TBS to support the publishing of the government's Purchasing Activity Reports for each calendar year.
  3. On completion and release of the procurement summary in the Automated Buyer Environment (ABE), the award data is sent automatically to the Acquisition Information System (AIS) and will be included in the contract activity reporting.
  4. PWGSC Contract Activity Outside of ABE: Contracts done outside of ABE must be reported to OSME-SE at on an annual basis. The reports, summary or detail, should be submitted by the end of February. Such reports should include contract activity such as formal agreements, confirming orders, security sensitive contracts and any other contract or call-up not otherwise captured in automatic reporting in ABE.
  5. Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements: In the past, departments and agencies have reported only the total contract activity under standing offer agreements instead of reporting details on individual call-ups as quite a number of departments did not have the capability to report against call-ups. Beginning in 2011, departments and agencies phased in the reporting of standing offer call-ups as part of the Purchasing Activity Reports. Effective January 2011:
    1. all call-ups issued by PWGSC contracting officers are captured in the Government Contract Activity Report assembled by OSME-SE. Contracting officers must release the procurement summary in ABE for all call-ups to ensure the data is captured;
    2. the value entered for the total estimated value, appearing on the front page of Standing Offers is no longer used as part of the contract activity report, regardless of the type of standing offer. Contracting officers within AB are not responsible for reporting client departments' contracts/call-ups which utilizes PWGSC SOs and SAs. This is reported to OSME-SE directly from the departments;
    3. call-ups done within PWGSC/AB but outside of ABE must be reported separately to OSME-SE per subsection d. of this section.