7.15. Legal Entity

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  1. Whatever the form of procurement document, the contracting officer must ensure that it is with a supplier that is a legal entity having the legal capacity to contract, and that the supplier's legal name is used.
  2. Possession of a Procurement Business Number (PBN) is not equivalent to having the legal capacity to contract. The contracting officer must still verify that the supplier has the legal capacity to contract.
  3. For example, a contract may not be awarded to a division of a corporation, as it is not a legal entity. Be aware that computerized source lists may include an abbreviated name for a supplier. In some cases, a legal entity (for example a numbered company) will use a business name to do business. In such cases, the legal name (the number of the company) must be used and it could be followed by "doing business as ______(insert the business name)".