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Public Works and Government Services Canada Requirements Not Subject to Trade Agreements

  1. For requirements, which are not subject to the international trade agreements and where open competition is not appropriate, due to the nature of the requirement, bids/offers/arrangements may be solicited directly from a list of suppliers. If a source list for the particular good or service does not exist, contracting officers should consider using the Supplier Registration Information service to identify potential sources of supply, especially for low dollar value goods and services.

    In preparing the source list, the contracting officer may include suppliers suggested by the client department.

  2. Automated Source Lists such as the Automated Vendor Rotation System (AVRS)and SELECT, provide a systematic rotation of vendors in order to ensure equity of opportunity for suppliers, and must be used where they apply.
  3. Whenever a supplier requests an opportunity to submit a bid/offer/arrangement on a specific requirement, that supplier must be given the opportunity, provided that it is not necessary to cancel the existing solicitation and issue a new one. This provision does not generally apply to rotational source lists such as SELECT, which typically limits the solicitation to those suppliers selected for a particular requirement.
  4. Contracting officers are reminded that an effort should be made to ensure best value to Canada in terms of who is invited, and also that the principle of "fairness and access" be displayed in a practical manner by rotating opportunities to submit a bid/offer/arrangement within the suppliers on any given list.