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4.75.35. Contacting Suppliers Directly During the Solicitation Period

  1. On occasion, based on commodity/market knowledge, a contracting officer may conclude that suppliers of a good or service will not see or respond to a solicitation if it appears only on the GETS. In such cases, in order to stimulate effective competition and seek best value for Canadian taxpayers, the contracting officer may contact all such known suppliers to inform them that the solicitation opportunity has been posted.
  2. This contact must only take place after the Notice of Proposed Procurement has appeared on the GETS, and it should take place as quickly as possible so that the suppliers contacted do not lose time. To ensure that there will be no question of preferential treatment, this communication should be in writing so that it can be shown that all suppliers had access to the same information at the same time.
  3. The specific purpose of this contact is to ensure that the suppliers know that there is an opportunity available and to direct them to GETS. For that reason, the contact will be limited to giving brief information about the good or service being procured and to providing the appropriate reference (one or more of reference number, Source ID and solicitation number). It must not include any information that will not be available to suppliers who find out about the opportunity directly through GETS.
  4. Contracting officers must document on the file, the date and name of each supplier that was contacted. The recommended method of notification is the provision of a copy of the NPP.