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Public Works and Government Services Canada Equivalent products

  1. When there is no alternative to specifying a particular manufactured product, the solicitation should, whenever possible, include SACC Manual clause B3000T for equivalent products. Before issuing the solicitation, the contracting officer should contact the client department to discuss the potential for equivalent products and any mandatory performance criteria related to the item being specified that must be included in the solicitation to ensure proper evaluation of a substitute product's equivalency. Contracting officers must ensure that all references to a manufacturer's brand name, model and/or part number contained anywhere within the solicitation are followed by the words "or equivalent".
  2. For procurements subject to the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) or to any of Canada’s international trade agreements, provision for equivalent products must be made. Contracting officers must give consideration to supplier claims of equivalence and have some way to determine if the proposed products are, indeed, equivalent.