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4.30.20. Industrial Security in Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements

  1. When the contracting officer and the client department have determined that it is appropriate to use a standing offer or supply arrangement method of supply for requirements with an industrial security requirement, the solicitation documents should specify the minimum level of security clearance required as well as the circumstances under which a higher level would be required. Instructions to users of the arrangement must be clear on:
    1. how to identify which level of security applies in resulting contracts; and
    2. the client department's responsibility in confirming with CISD, prior to issuing a contract or call-up, that the suppliers meets the security requirement.
    IMPORTANT: When security clearances such as IT, Production and/or COMSEC are required, seek assurance of these specific security types from CISD as they are contract specific and not blanket clearances held by the organizations.
  2. Once the solicitation phase is complete, the contracting officer must provide CISD with a copy of the Request for Standing Offers or Request for Supply Arrangements, as well as a list of proposed suppliers so that CISD can validate that the selected suppliers meet the minimum security requirements stipulated in the arrangement.
  3. Resulting call-ups and contracts, which have security requirements, must identify the applicable security requirement, and the applicable SRCL must be attached to the call-up or contract.
  4. A copy of all such call-ups and contracts must be sent to CISD. It is not necessary to send the "authorization to use" document to CISD.