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4.30.15. Industrial Security in Solicitations

  1. When there are industrial security requirements, the evaluation section or the security requirements section of the solicitation documents must clearly state whether security requirements must be met before solicitation closing date or before contract award. The contracting officer should be fully aware of the time frames required for the required security clearances to be granted, and whether or not the solicitation document will contain conditions or a time limit in which suppliers must obtain the required security clearance, following the solicitation closing date. The choice of such time frames must not unfairly discriminate between potential suppliers.
  2. The completed SRCL must be attached as an annex to the solicitation, though the signature page may be omitted.
  3. Contracting officers should specify in their solicitation document whether or not suppliers must include information in their bid to allow the security verification process or clearance process to begin. Contracting officers may contact CISD for assistance in determining the best approach.
  4. For procurements with security requirements for work to be performed or documents safeguarded at the contractor’s facilities, security clearance has to be obtained for those facilities before any work can start. The contractor’s address indicated in the bid document is not necessarily the location of where the contractor intends to perform work or keep documents. It is important for the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) to know, as early as possible in the process, in which of the contractor’s facilities the work will be performed or the government's sensitive information/assets will be safeguarded if issued a contract, standing offer or supply arrangement.
  5. In the solicitation document, the Contracting Officer needs to add, under the Security references "Location(s) of Work Performance" for the contractor to complete.