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4.10.5. Telephone Buy

  1. A telephone buy (T-buy) is a form of Request for Quotation (RFQ), where bids are solicited from one or more selected suppliers verbally, in-person or over the telephone, for requirements below $25,000 for goods and $40,000 for construction and services, including all applicable taxes.
  2. Prior to soliciting a telephone bid, the contracting officer must verify the Ineligibility and Suspension List and ascertain that the bidder is not ineligible.
  3. When soliciting bids through telephone buy, the contracting officer must ensure that the bidder is informed that they will be subject to the Ineligibility and Suspension Policy, and that they must be compliant to the Policy to be awarded a contract. The contracting officer must request that the bidder familiarizes themselves with the Policy.
  4. A verbal contract may be entered into by telephone (and order may be placed) if the contracting officer has the appropriate authority.
  5. Written confirmation from the bidder is not required for bids received by telephone, however the contracting officer must record the details of the telephone bid on the procurement file and the order must be confirmed in writing by issuing the applicable contract document and providing a copy to the contractor.
  6. See Chapter 7 Award of Contracts and Issuance of Standing Offers and Supply Arrangements and section 5.16 Integrity Compliance for details on the process to be followed before contract award or before issuing a purchase order.