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4.10.1. Request for Quotation

  1. A Request for Quotation (RFQ) may be used to solicit bids for low dollar value commercial goods and/or services valued below $25,000 for goods and $40,000 for construction and services, including all applicable taxes, from one or more suppliers.
  2. Prior to soliciting a bid using an RFQ, contracting officers are to verify the Ineligibility and Suspension List and ascertain that the bidder is not ineligible.
  3. Because of its abbreviated nature, a RFQ may not contain all of the terms and conditions that are typically used to form a contract, but must include the Integrity Provisions – Bid found in Standard Instructions 2003 or 2004.
  4. The contract requirement must be well defined such that bids may be evaluated and compared on the basis of price and delivery and where contract award may be determined on the basis of lowest-priced bid that meets the requirements.
  5. RFQs are not publicly posted. Contracting officers may have suppliers submit their RFQs directly to them if a specific date and time is set for the receipt of the quotation.
  6. See section 5.16 Integrity Compliance for details on the process to be followed before contract award or before issuing a purchase order.