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3.75.1. Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Role and Initiatives

  1. The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME), as part of the government of Canada, supports the government agenda to provide value for Canadians by:
    1. encouraging and assisting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to participate in the federal government procurement process;
    2. improving the links between supply and demand and influencing change within government acquisitions, and
    3. conducting economic analysis of Government of Canada procurement and the private sector.

    For more information, visit the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Web site.

  2. The Office performs six activities in support of smaller suppliers, as follows:
    1. provides information and advisory services to SMEs that want to do business with the government;
    2. helps reduce competition barriers and simplify the government contracting process;
    3. identifies and pursues opportunities that encourage the introduction of innovative new goods and services;
    4. collaborates to improve procurement policies and best practices;
    5. works closely with the SME community to ensure their concerns and views are brought forward and heard; and
    6. engages with SMEs to interest them in federal government opportunities.