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3.15.1. Justification of Non-competitive Process

  1. While the client department must provide the rationale for any exception to soliciting bids, it is the responsibility of the contracting officers to make sure that the rationale can be adequately supported. Contracting officers are also reminded to take into account the procurement provisions under the Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements.
  2. If there is inadequate or no substantiation, the contracting officer should advise the client of alternative products or sources, if known, and attempt to reach agreement with the client on the most appropriate procurement strategy. When agreement cannot be reached by the contracting officer, the next level of management should be consulted.
  3. Use of any of the GCRs exceptions must be fully justified by the contracting officer with appropriate documentation that sets out the procurement strategy as well as the rationale for the exception used, placed on the procurement file (see 3.15 Non-competitive Contracting Process and 6.5.1 Procurement Plan). The trade agreements also contain provisions to document on file the reasons for the use of limited tendering and the appropriate article must be provided as justification, where applicable. (See 3.15 Non-competitive Contracting Process, paragraph d. and 3.25 Trade Agreements Tendering Approaches, paragraph b.).