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2.50.5. Security Requirements Check List (SRCL)

  1. The client department may complete the SRCL, either electronically via the online security requirements checklist (SRCL) service or in hard copy using the form Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) (form TBS/SCT 350-103) (PDF, 383 KB) - (Help on File Formats). To use the online service register online or contact the Contract Security Program.
  2. The online service provided by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) allows client departments to complete the SRCL form on the Internet in a secure environment using a Smart form, which eliminates errors. With the online service, CISD can provide the security clauses to be included in the solicitation documents before receiving the signed hard copy of the SRCL, which expedites the process. Once CISD receives the E- SRCL, its turnaround time to provide the security clauses is 2 working days as opposed to 15 working days for the hard copy. The electronic process results in the reduction or elimination of errors, in this way, it enables the production of clauses in a more timely manner.
  3. For further information, see 1.65 Policy on Government Security, 3.55 Industrial Security Requirements (Personnel or Organization) and 4.30.10 Industrial Security in Contracts or contact CISD, being the organization responsible for security screenings and clearances for PWGSC procurements.
  4. Upon receiving the SRCL, which must be attached to any requisition submitted to PWGSC, CISD will provide the client department with the appropriate security clauses to be used in the solicitation. In all cases where clarification is required, CISD will contact the client department and the departmental security officer as required. Security clauses provided for a similar solicitation should never be used without the prior authorization of CISD.