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2.20. Green procurement and defining the requirement

  1. The Government of Canada is committed to implementing the Policy on Green Procurement. This is to ensure that the government cost effectively procures, operates and disposes of its assets in a manner that protects the environment and supports sustainable development objectives. This policy is all encompassing and it applies across all four stages of the procurement process, from planning and acquisition through use and disposal.
  2. The contracting officer, in assisting a client with the needs definition process, should analyze with the client what opportunities may exist to support their obligations, as well as their departmental targets related to green procurement. A key consideration is whether it is actually necessary to make the new purchase. Ultimately, avoiding a purchase will be the most environmentally preferable and economical option.
  3. Some key considerations in defining the requirement are to:
    1. evaluate the need, utilization and scale of the procurement, and reduce the need if possible;
    2. determine that the quantity requested is appropriate and definitely will be used (the feasibility of short term leasing, renting or sharing of the good should be investigated);
    3. inquire as to whether or not the requirement could be satisfied internally, through a different division or section of the organization or through government surplus supplies;
    4. combine the requirement, if appropriate, with one or several other departments to take advantage of economies of scale, to reduce packaging and to save other resources.
  4. See Annex 2.2: Green Procurement: Environmental Factors and Evaluation Indicators for factors and indicators that will aid the client in managing the resource, from planning to disposal.
  5. The Green Procurement Tools website includes valuable information such as the Completed Green Procurement Plans and the related templates, a list of green standing offers (SO), supply arrangements (SA) and contracts and a repertoire of existing contracting language related to green procurement.
  6. For commodities under the Commodity Management Policy, contracting officers must develop a green procurement plan, and procurements must be conducted in accordance with this plan.