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Public Services and Procurement Canada

1.10.5. Guiding Principles

All those involved in the procurement process must apply prudence, probity and transparency at each stage of the process.

  1. Client Service
    PWGSC will make every reasonable effort to satisfy the operational requirements of its clients, while obtaining the best value in each procurement process.
  2. National Objectives
    PWGSC procurement activities will advance established government policies, within the limits imposed by international trade obligations.
  3. Competition
    PWGSC procurement will be competitive, with specific exceptions.
  4. Equal Treatment
    PWGSC will ensure that all potential bidders of a particular requirement are subject to the same conditions.
  5. Accountability
    PWGSC is accountable for the integrity of the contracting process. Clients are responsible for ensuring that all information relating to their requirements, which is provided to PWGSC, is complete and accurate. (See Annex 1.1: Matrix of Responsibilities between PWGSC and Client Departments for the Procurement of Goods and Services (Generic).)