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PWGSC`s New Government-wide Integrity Regime Takes Effect Immediately – Active PWGSC issued tender notices that are closing July 3rd, and from July 6th to July 10th, will have their closing dates extended. To find the new closing dates, please check the individual tender you are following. You may also click the Amended Today icon and look for tender notices where PWGSC is the procurement entity. To learn more, please read New PWGSC Implementation of Government-wide Integrity Regime Announced on July 3, 2015.

Important: On July 3, 2015, PWGSC announced the implementation of the new government-wide Integrity Regime for procurement and real property transactions. The new Integrity Regime takes effect immediately and all active tenders will be amended to include the new Integrity provisions. PWGSC also announced that through Policy Notification 107R1 – New Integrity Regime it has revised its Integrity Provisions and introduced an Ineligibility and Suspension Policy. The current Supply Manual – version 2015-1.5, effective date 2015-07-03 does not reflect the changes resulting from the new Integrity Regime. The Supply Manual will be updated shortly to reflect these changes and in the meantime, the changes can be accessed can be accessed in Annex A (PDF 96 KB). Please read Policy Notification 107R1 – New Integrity Regime to learn more about the new Integrity Regime and how these changes will impact Government of Canada procurement.

The Supply Manual – version 2015-1.5, effective date 2015-07-03, contains policies and procedures, as well as references to acts and directives, for the procurement of goods, services and construction. The Manual is intended primarily for the use of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) contracting officers acting in PWGSC's capacity as a common services provider, to conduct procurements on behalf of other organizations.

You can also View and download the complete Supply Manual HTML file.

View and download the complete Supply Manual HTML file

The current version of the Supply Manual is also available to download as a compressed file (Zip file). This allows users to:

  • Save the content for offline browsing: This can be helpful where there is no internet access;
  • Browse the file: Once the file is opened, users can search the complete Supply Manual by pressing Ctrl-F (Windows OS) or Cmd-F (Mac OS) to enable the “Find” text field.

Important: The Supply Manual is frequently updated, and the complete HTML file is updated accordingly. Users working with a saved copy of the Supply Manual HTML file on their computer should always ensure that they are using the most current version.

Download the Zip file containing the complete Supply Manual version 2015-1.5 in HTML format. (Zip file - 567 KB) - (Help on File Formats).