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Find a SACC Manual Item
Date Status ID Title
2007-11-30 Active D3019C Preparation for Delivery - United States-based Contractor (2007-11-30) D3019C
2022-12-01 Active D3020C Preparation for Delivery - European Union (2022-12-01) D3020C
2008-05-12 Active D4000C Shipping Instructions - Delivery at Origin (2008-05-12) D4000C
2008-12-12 Active D4001C Shipping Instructions - Delivery at Destination (2008-12-12) D4001C
2013-04-25 Active D4002C Shipping Instructions - Free on Board Destination and Delivered Duty Paid (2013-04-25) D4002C
2007-11-30 Active D4003C FOB Point (California) (2007-11-30) D4003C
2007-11-30 Active D5311C Right of Access and Inspection of Meat (2007-11-30) D5311C
2007-11-30 Active D5318C Inspection and Technical Services (2007-11-30) D5318C
2007-11-30 Active D5324C Inspection (2007-11-30) D5324C
2014-06-26 Active D5328C Inspection and Acceptance (2014-06-26) D5328C
2007-11-30 Active D5401T Quality Plan - Solicitation (2007-11-30) D5401T
2021-05-20 Active D5402C Quality plan (2021-05-20) D5402C
2007-11-30 Active D5505C Quality Assurance Document (2007-11-30) D5505C
2021-05-20 Active D5509C Quality Assurance Requirements - Submarine Safety (2021-05-20) D5509C
2023-06-08 Active D5510C Quality assurance authority (Department of National Defence): Canadian-based contractor (2023-06-08) D5510C
2010-01-11 Active D5511C Test Validation (2010-01-11) D5511C
2010-01-11 Active D5515C Quality Assurance Authority (Department of National Defence) - Foreign-based and United States Contractor (2010-01-11) D5515C
2021-05-20 Active D5540C ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems - Requirements (Quality Assurance Code Q) (2021-05-20) D5540C
2021-05-20 Active D5544C Laboratories - ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (2021-05-20) D5544C
2019-05-30 Active D5545C ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management Systems - Requirements (Quality Assurance Code C) (2019-05-30) D5545C
2007-11-30 Active D5580C Civil Aircraft Inspection (Quality Assurance Code J) (2007-11-30) D5580C
2008-12-12 Active D5604C Release Documents (Department of National Defence) - Foreign-based Contractor (2008-12-12) D5604C
2021-05-20 Active D5605C Release Documents (Department of National Defence) - United States-based Contractor (2021-05-20) D5605C
2017-11-28 Active D5606C Release documents (Department of National Defence): Canadian-based contractor (2017-11-28) D5606C
2012-07-16 Active D5620C Release Documents - Distribution (2012-07-16) D5620C
2017-08-17 Active D5651C Release documents and acceptance of ships (2017-08-17) D5651C
2008-05-12 Active D5725C Inspection/Test Reports - Safety Critical Items (2008-05-12) D5725C
2008-05-12 Active D5725T Inspection/Test Reports - Safety Critical Items - Certification (2008-05-12) D5725T
2008-05-12 Active D5801C Outstanding Work and Acceptance (2008-05-12) D5801C
2007-11-30 Active D5900C Basis of Pricing - Inspection and Technical Services (2007-11-30) D5900C
2014-09-25 Active D6007C Work Period - Marine - Contract (2014-09-25) D6007C
2014-09-25 Active D6007T Work Period - Marine - Bid (2014-09-25) D6007T
2008-05-12 Active D6008C Batteries (2008-05-12) D6008C
2021-12-02 Active D6009C Shipping instructions: Delivery and destination schedules unknown (2021-12-02) D6009C
2007-11-30 Active D6010C Palletization (2007-11-30) D6010C
2008-05-12 Active D6012C Shipping Instructions (2008-05-12) D6012C
2007-11-30 Active D9000C Deliverable Items (2007-11-30) D9000C
2007-11-30 Active D9002C Incomplete Assemblies (2007-11-30) D9002C
2015-02-25 Active D9010C Military Aviation Replacement Parts - Airworthiness Documentation (2015-02-25) D9010C
2014-09-25 Active E0003T Security Deposit - Bid and Contract Financial Security Required (2014-09-25) E0003T
2022-12-01 Active E0004T Bid financial security (2022-12-01) E0004T
2011-05-16 Active E0005C Financial Security (2011-05-16) E0005C
2022-12-01 Active E0007C Contract financial security (2022-12-01) E0007C
2018-06-21 Active E0008C Security deposit definition: Contract (2018-06-21) E0008C
2018-06-21 Active E0008T Security deposit definition: Bid (2018-06-21) E0008T
2015-07-03 Active E0009T Security Deposit - Bid Financial Security (2015-07-03) E0009T
2022-12-01 Active E5000C Performance bonds (2022-12-01) E5000C
2022-12-01 Active E8000C Labour and material payment bond (2022-12-01) E8000C
2013-11-06 Active G1001C Insurance – Specific Requirements (2013-11-06) G1001C
2018-06-21 Active G1003C Rigger's Liability Insurance (2018-06-21) G1003C

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