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Find a SACC Manual Item
Date Status ID Title
2014-11-27 Active C5200C Transportation Costs (2014-11-27) C5200C
2010-01-11 Active C5200T Transportation Costs Information (2010-01-11) C5200T
2008-05-12 Active C5201C Prepaid Transportation Costs (2008-05-12) C5201C
2017-08-17 Active C6000C Limitation of price (2017-08-17) C6000C
2017-08-17 Active C6001C Limitation of expenditure (2017-08-17) C6001C
2023-04-14 Active C8000C Fixed price (2023-04-14) C8000C
2023-04-14 Active C8001C Fixed time/unit rate (2023-04-14) C8001C
2023-04-14 Active C8002C Cost reimbursable with target cost/incentive fee (2023-04-14) C8002C
2023-04-14 Active C8003C Cost reimbursable with target cost/incentive fee: No maximum price but with maximum and minimum fees (2023-04-14) C8003C
2023-04-14 Active C8004C Cost Reimbursable with Target Cost/Incentive Fee: No Maximum Price but with Changing Share Ratio (2023-04-14) C8004C
2023-04-14 Active C8005C Cost reimbursable with target cost/incentive fee: Maximum price (2023-04-14) C8005C
2023-04-14 Active C8006C Technical performance incentives (2023-04-14) C8006C
2023-04-14 Active C8007C Schedule performance incentives (2023-04-14) C8007C
2023-04-14 Active C8008C Award fees (2023-04-14) C8008C
2010-08-16 Active C9000T Pricing (2010-08-16) C9000T
2008-05-12 Active C9003C Finalization of Costs (2008-05-12) C9003C
2013-04-25 Active C9010C Limitation of Expenditure - Cumulative Total of all Task Authorizations (2013-04-25) C9010C
2014-06-26 Active C9011C Task Authorization Limit (2014-06-26) C9011C
2008-05-12 Active D0001C Phased Delivery (2008-05-12) D0001C
2014-06-26 Active D0002T Best Delivery Date - Bid (2014-06-26) D0002T
2007-11-30 Active D0003C Phased Delivery - Inspection (2007-11-30) D0003C
2007-11-30 Active D0005C Complete Delivery (2007-11-30) D0005C
2014-06-26 Active D0007C Preparation for Delivery - Canadian Forces Transportation Packaging Order (2014-06-26) D0007C
2014-06-26 Active D0009C Delivery - Contract (2014-06-26) D0009C
2007-11-30 Active D0014C Delivery of Fresh Chilled or Frozen Products (2007-11-30) D0014C
2007-11-30 Active D0018C Delivery and Unloading (2007-11-30) D0018C
2008-05-12 Active D0024C Liquidated Damages (2008-05-12) D0024C
2022-12-01 Active D0035C Shipping instructions (Department of National Defence): Foreign-based contractors (2022-12-01) D0035C
2016-01-28 Active D0037C Shipping Instructions (Department of National Defence) - Canadian-based Contractor (2016-01-28) D0037C
2010-08-16 Active D0040C Shipping Surcharges for Large, Bulky or Heavy Items (2010-08-16) D0040C
2007-05-25 Active D0050C End User Certificate (2007-05-25) D0050C
2007-11-30 Active D2000C Marking (2007-11-30) D2000C
2007-11-30 Active D2001C Labelling (2007-11-30) D2001C
2007-11-30 Active D2006C Marking and Preparation of Paper (2007-11-30) D2006C
2010-01-11 Active D2015C Additional Package Markings - Identical (2010-01-11) D2015C
2010-01-11 Active D2016C Additional Package Markings - Different (2010-01-11) D2016C
2008-05-12 Active D2017C Bar Coding - Material Marking (2008-05-12) D2017C
2008-05-12 Active D2020C Bar Coding - Package Marking (2008-05-12) D2020C
2017-08-17 Active D2025C Wood packaging materials (2017-08-17) D2025C
2007-11-30 Active D3004C Type of Transport (2007-11-30) D3004C
2007-11-30 Active D3006C Carcasses (2007-11-30) D3006C
2007-11-30 Active D3007C Inspection and Stamping (2007-11-30) D3007C
2016-01-28 Active D3010C Delivery of Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Products (2016-01-28) D3010C
2014-06-26 Active D3012C Preparation for Delivery - Canadian Forces Preservation, Packaging and Packing (2014-06-26) D3012C
2007-11-30 Active D3013C Preparation for Delivery - Canadian-based Contractor (2007-11-30) D3013C
2007-11-30 Active D3014C Transportation of Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Products (2007-11-30) D3014C
2014-09-25 Active D3015C Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Products - Labelling and Packaging Compliance (2014-09-25) D3015C
2014-09-25 Active D3016C Preparation for Delivery - Canadian Forces Packaging Specifications (2014-09-25) D3016C
2014-09-25 Active D3017C Preparation for Delivery - Ammunition and Missiles (2014-09-25) D3017C
2014-09-25 Active D3018C Packaging Requirement using Specification D-LM-008-036/SF-000 (2014-09-25) D3018C

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