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Date Status ID Title
2023-04-11 Active A3021C Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and disclosure: Documentation (2023-04-11) A3021C
2023-04-11 Active A3022C Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and disclosure: Compliance (2023-04-11) A3022C
2020-05-04 Active A3025C Proactive Disclosure of Contracts with Former Public Servants (2020-05-04) A3025C
2020-05-04 Active A3025T Former Public Servant - Competitive Bid (2020-05-04) A3025T
2020-05-04 Active A3026T Former Public Servant – Non-competitive Bid (2020-05-04) A3026T
2020-07-01 Active A3050T Canadian Content Definition (2020-07-01) A3050T
2018-12-06 Active A3051T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3051T
2018-12-06 Active A3052T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3052T
2018-12-06 Active A3053T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3053T
2018-12-06 Active A3055T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3055T
2018-12-06 Active A3056T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3056T
2018-12-06 Active A3059T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3059T
2008-05-12 Active A3060C Canadian Content Certification (2008-05-12) A3060C
2018-12-06 Active A3061T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3061T
2018-12-06 Active A3062T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3062T
2018-12-06 Active A3063T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3063T
2018-12-06 Active A3065T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3065T
2018-12-06 Active A3066T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3066T
2018-12-06 Active A3069T Canadian Content Certification (2018-12-06) A3069T
2020-07-30 Active A3070T Evaluation Procedures for Procurement Conditionally Limited to Canadian Content (2020-07-30) A3070T
2022-12-01 Active A3500T Confidential information for bidding (2022-12-01) A3500T
2008-05-12 Active A7017C Replacement of Specific Individuals (2008-05-12) A7017C
2006-06-16 Active A7025C Post Orders (2006-06-16) A7025C
2007-05-25 Active A7035T List of Proposed Subcontractors (2007-05-25) A7035T
2007-05-25 Active A8010C Division of Responsibilities - Vehicles Rental (2007-05-25) A8010C
2006-06-16 Active A8012C Option to Purchase (2006-06-16) A8012C
2014-06-26 Active A8501C Vessel Charter - Contract (2014-06-26) A8501C
2014-06-26 Active A8501T Vessel Charter - Tender (2014-06-26) A8501T
2008-05-12 Active A9005C Confirmation of Contract Award (2008-05-12) A9005C
2012-07-16 Active A9006C Defence Contract (2012-07-16) A9006C
2008-12-12 Active A9009C Option to Extend the Contract (2008-12-12) A9009C
2006-06-16 Active A9014C Specific Person(s) (2006-06-16) A9014C
2011-05-16 Active A9015C Experimental Animals (2011-05-16) A9015C
2014-06-26 Active A9016C Hazardous Waste Disposal - Specific Requirements (2014-06-26) A9016C
2011-05-16 Active A9019C Hazardous Waste Disposal (2011-05-16) A9019C
2006-06-16 Active A9020C Cylinder Hook-up (2006-06-16) A9020C
2007-05-25 Active A9022C Period of the Contract (2007-05-25) A9022C
2012-07-16 Active A9033T Financial Capability (2012-07-16) A9033T
2022-06-20 Active A9038T Optional site visit (2022-06-20) A9038T
2008-05-12 Active A9039C Salvage (2008-05-12) A9039C
2022-06-20 Active A9040T Mandatory site visit (2022-06-20) A9040T
2008-05-12 Active A9041C Salvage (2008-05-12) A9041C
2013-04-25 Active A9043T Reissue of Bid Solicitation (2013-04-25) A9043T
2006-06-16 Active A9044T Suppliers List (2006-06-16) A9044T
2008-05-12 Active A9047C Title to Property - Vessel (2008-05-12) A9047C
2011-05-16 Active A9049C Vehicle Safety (2011-05-16) A9049C
2021-05-20 Active A9051C Existing Technical Publications - Translation (2021-05-20) A9051C
2006-06-16 Active A9053C Vehicle Trade-in (2006-06-16) A9053C
2010-08-16 Active A9055C Scrap and Waste Material (2010-08-16) A9055C
2008-05-12 Active A9056C Supervision of Fueling and Disembarking Fuel (2008-05-12) A9056C

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