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Date Status ID Title
2022-04-01 Active W0204T Nunavut Directive: Reporting Inuit and Nunavut Benefits – General information (2022-04-01) W0204T
2022-04-01 Active W0205T Nunavut Directive: Limited to firms on the Inuit Firm Registry (IFR) (2022-04-01) W0205T
2022-04-01 Active W0206T Nunavut Directive: Registration on the Inuit Firm Registry (IFR) (2022-04-01) W0206T
2022-04-01 Active W0207C Nunavut Directive: Statement of Work or Requirement (2022-04-01) W0207C
2022-04-01 Active W0208C Nunavut Directive: Disclosure of information (2022-04-01) W0208C
2022-04-01 Active W0209C Nunavut Directive: Inuit Benefits Plan Progress Report (2022-04-01) W0209C
2022-04-01 Active W0210C Nunavut Directive: Reporting unanticipated Inuit and Nunavut benefits (2022-04-01) W0210C
2022-04-01 Active W0211C Nunavut Directive: Third party independent professional (2022-04-01) W0211C
2022-04-01 Active W0212C Nunavut Directive: Inuit Benefit Plan deviations (2022-04-01) W0212C
2022-04-01 Active W0213C Nunavut Directive: Canada’s Inuit Benefits Plan Authority (2022-04-01) W0213C
2022-04-01 Active W0214C Nunavut Directive: Contractor’s Inuit Benefits Plan Authority (2022-04-01) W0214C
2022-04-01 Active W0215C Nunavut Directive: Registered on the Inuit Firm Registry (IFR) (2022-04-01) W0215C
2022-04-01 Active W3020C Nunavut Agreement: Invoicing instructions – Maintenance services (2022-04-01) W3020C
2022-04-01 Active W3022C Nunavut Agreement: Invoicing instructions - Progress payment claim - Supporting documentation required (2022-04-01) W3022C
2022-04-01 Active W5001C Nunavut Agreement: Invoicing instructions (2022-04-01) W5001C

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