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Find a SACC Manual Item
Date Status ID Title
2007-05-25 Active A0036T Basis of Selection - Highest Rated Within Budget (2007-05-25) A0036T
2006-06-16 Active A0038C Air Transportation (2006-06-16) A0038C
2007-11-30 Active A0050T Bid Receiving Unit (Headquarters) (2007-11-30) A0050T
2006-06-16 Active A0051T Bid Receiving Address (2006-06-16) A0051T
2007-11-30 Active A0054T Bid Format and Numbering System (2007-11-30) A0054T
2007-11-30 Active A0055T Bid - Number of Copies (2007-11-30) A0055T
2007-05-25 Active A0066T Prices - Items (2007-05-25) A0066T
2007-05-25 Active A0068T Rates - Resources (2007-05-25) A0068T
2007-05-25 Active A0069T Basis of Selection (2007-05-25) A0069T
2007-11-30 Active A0070C Optional Goods and/or Services (2007-11-30) A0070C
2008-12-12 Active A0072C Termination on Thirty Days Notice (2008-12-12) A0072C
2014-11-27 Active A0075C Ontario Labour Legislation - Contract (2014-11-27) A0075C
2014-06-26 Active A0075T Ontario Labour Legislation - Bid (2014-06-26) A0075T
2008-05-12 Active A0078C Transition Period (2008-05-12) A0078C
2013-04-25 Active A0210T Maximum Funding (2013-04-25) A0210T
2014-06-26 Active A0220T Evaluation of Price - Bid (2014-06-26) A0220T
2014-06-26 Active A0222T Evaluation of Price - Canadian / Foreign Bidders (2014-06-26) A0222T
2017-08-17 Active A0240T Vessel transfer costs (2017-08-17) A0240T
2021-12-02 Active A0272T Basis of Selection - Multiple Items (2021-12-02) A0272T
2015-02-25 Active A0280T Documents Required for Bid Evaluation Purposes (2015-02-25) A0280T
2007-05-25 Active A0285C Workers Compensation (2007-05-25) A0285C
2012-07-16 Active A0285T Workers Compensation Certification- Letter of Good Standing (2012-07-16) A0285T
2008-05-12 Active A0290C Hazardous Waste - Vessels (2008-05-12) A0290C
2017-04-27 Active A0300T Military aviation replacement parts: Condition and certification of deliverables end items (2017-04-27) A0300T
2007-05-25 Active A0301C Military Aviation Replacement Parts - Maintenance of Records (2007-05-25) A0301C
2007-05-25 Active A0301T Military Aviation Replacement Parts - Substitutes and Traceability (2007-05-25) A0301T
2008-05-12 Active A1009C Work Site Access (2008-05-12) A1009C
2007-05-25 Active A1022C Project Authority (2007-05-25) A1022C
2007-05-25 Active A1024C Contracting Authority (2007-05-25) A1024C
2008-05-12 Active A1025C Inspection Authority (2008-05-12) A1025C
2007-05-25 Active A1030C Technical Authority (2007-05-25) A1030C
2008-05-12 Active A1031C Procurement Authority (2008-05-12) A1031C
2006-06-16 Active A2000C Foreign Nationals (Canadian Contractor) (2006-06-16) A2000C
2006-06-16 Active A2001C Foreign Nationals (Foreign Contractor) (2006-06-16) A2001C
2022-05-12 Active A3000C Indigenous Business Certification (2022-05-12) A3000C
2022-05-12 Active A3000T Set-aside for Indigenous Business (2022-05-12) A3000T
2022-05-12 Active A3001T Owner Certification - Set-aside for Indigenous Business (2022-05-12) A3001T
2022-05-12 Active A3002T Set-aside under the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business (2022-05-12) A3002T
2010-08-16 Active A3005T Status and Availability of Resources (2010-08-16) A3005T
2018-09-07 Active A3006T Ethical procurement certification (2018-09-07) A3006T
2020-05-28 Active A3007T Origin of work (2020-05-28) A3007T
2018-09-07 Active A3008C Ethical apparel (2018-09-07) A3008C
2010-08-16 Active A3010T Education and Experience (2010-08-16) A3010T
2014-06-26 Active A3015C Certifications - Contract (2014-06-26) A3015C
2014-06-26 Active A3015T Certifications - Bid (2014-06-26) A3015T
2023-04-11 Active A3016T Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and disclosure certification: Conditionally limited solicitation (2023-04-11) A3016T
2023-04-11 Active A3017T Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and disclosure: Certification (2023-04-11) A3017T
2023-04-11 Active A3018T Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and disclosure: Mandatory criterion (2023-04-11) A3018T
2023-04-11 Active A3019T Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and disclosure: Point-rated criterion (2023-04-11) A3019T
2023-04-11 Active A3020C Public disclosure of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory (2023-04-11) A3020C

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