Set-aside for Indigenous Business

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Legal text for SACC item

  1. This procurement is set aside under the federal government Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business. For more information on Indigenous business requirements of the Set-aside Program for Indigenous Business, see Annex 9.4 of the Supply Manual.
  2. The Offeror:
    1. certifies that it meets, and will continue to meet throughout the duration of the Offer, the requirements described in the above-mentioned annex.
    2. agrees that any subcontractor it engages under the Offer must satisfy the requirements described in the above-mentioned annex.
    3. agrees to provide to Canada, immediately upon request, evidence supporting any subcontractor's compliance with the requirements described in the above-mentioned annex.
  3. The Offeror must check the applicable box below:
    1. ( ) The Offeror is an Indigenous business that is a sole proprietorship, band, limited company, co-operative, partnership or not-for-profit organization.
    2. ( ) The Offeror is either a joint venture consisting of two or more Indigenous businesses or a joint venture between an Indigenous business and a non-Indigenous business.
  4. The Offeror must, upon request by Canada, provide all information and evidence supporting this certification. The Offeror must ensure that this evidence will be available for audit during normal business hours by a representative of Canada, who may make copies and take extracts from the evidence. The Offeror must provide all reasonably required facilities for any audits.
  5. By submitting an offer, the Offeror certifies that the information submitted by the Offeror in response to the above requirements is accurate and complete.