Canadian Content Certification

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Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Offeror warrants that the certification of Canadian Content submitted by the Offeror is accurate and complete, and that the goods, services or both to be provided under any call-ups against the Standing Offer are in accordance with the definition contained in clause A3050T.
  2. The Offeror must keep proper records and documentation relating to the origin of the goods, services or both provided to Canada. The Offeror must not, without obtaining before the written consent of the Standing Offer Authority, dispose of any such records or documentation until the expiration of six (6) years after final payment under any contract resulting from the Standing Offer, or until settlement of all outstanding claims and disputes under the Standing Offer, whichever is later. All such records and documentation must at all times during the retention period be open to audit, inspection and examination by the representatives of Canada, who may make copies and take extracts. The Offeror must provide all facilities for such audits, inspections and examinations, and must furnish all such information as the representatives of Canada may from time to time require with respect to such records and documentation.
  3. Nothing in this clause must be interpreted as limiting the rights and remedies which Canada may otherwise have pursuant any contract resulting from the Standing Offer.