Electronic Purchasing

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Legal text for SACC item

  1. Any standing offer that will be issued as a result of the Request for Standing Offers can be listed on e-purchasing, which is a web-based desk top purchasing system provided to federal government departments.
  2. While not obligated to agree to have their products/prices listed on e-purchasing, offerors are strongly encouraged to do so as this is the direction that the federal government may be taking in the future. Further, it will increase the visibility of the successful Offeror's catalogued products.
  3. The Offeror's decision to agree or decline to list its products on e-purchasing will not affect the evaluation of its offer or the authorization of a Standing Offer.
  4. If the Offeror is interested in having its Standing Offer on e-purchasing, it can obtain a copy of the set-up requirements by sending a written request to the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) Standing Offer Authority identified in the Request for Standing Offer. The Offeror should also indicate:
    1. its interest in listing its catalogue (products/prices) on e-purchasing:
      Interested: YES ___ NO ___
    2. its capability to load the standing offer products on a file layout in Excel in bilingual format (a sample layout will be provided by PWGSC upon request);
    3. in which software the catalogue (products/prices) can be loaded:
      Excel: YES ___ NO ___; and
    4. if green products are easily identifiable:
      Green products are highlighted: YES ___ NO ___
      Green products can be highlighted: YES ___ NO ___
      Contact Name: ____________________
      Phone Number: ____ -____-_______