Subsection 5.H - Terms of Payment

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Date Status ID Title
2008-05-12 Active H1000C Single Payment (2008-05-12) H1000C
2008-05-12 Active H1001C Multiple Payments (2008-05-12) H1001C
2022-12-01 Active H1003C Progress payments (2022-12-01) H1003C
2008-05-12 Active H1008C Monthly Payment (2008-05-12) H1008C
2016-01-28 Active H3009C Milestone Payments - Subject to holdback (2016-01-28) H3009C
2016-01-28 Active H3010C Milestone Payments - Not subject to holdback (2016-01-28) H3010C
2015-02-25 Active H3018C Invoicing - Air Charter (2015-02-25) H3018C
2015-02-25 Active H3020C Invoicing Instructions - Maintenance Services (2015-02-25) H3020C
2016-01-28 Active H3022C Invoicing Instructions - Progress Payment Claim - Supporting Documentation required (2016-01-28) H3022C
2016-01-28 Active H3024C Invoicing Instructions - Progress Payment Claim - Supporting Documentation not required (2016-01-28) H3024C
2016-01-28 Active H3027C Electronic Payment of Invoices - Contract (2016-01-28) H3027C
2016-01-28 Active H3027T Electronic Payment of Invoices - Bid (2016-01-28) H3027T
2010-01-11 Active H3028C Advance Payment (2010-01-11) H3028C
2007-11-30 Active H4008C Contract Plan and Report Form (2007-11-30) H4008C
2010-01-11 Active H4012C Schedule of Milestones (2010-01-11) H4012C
2016-01-28 Active H4015C Draft and Final Report - Schedule (2016-01-28) H4015C
2010-08-16 Active H4016C Progress Reports (2010-08-16) H4016C
2016-01-28 Active H4017C Draft Final Report - Details (2016-01-28) H4017C
2016-01-28 Active H4018C Draft Final Report (2016-01-28) H4018C
2007-11-30 Active H4019C Final Report (2007-11-30) H4019C
2010-01-11 Active H4500C Lien - Section 427 of the Bank Act (2010-01-11) H4500C
2008-12-12 Active H5001C Invoicing Instructions (2008-12-12) H5001C
2007-11-30 Active H9001C Funding by Fiscal Year (2007-11-30) H9001C