Insurance – Specific Requirements

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Legal text for SACC item

The Contractor must comply with the insurance requirements specified in Annex ____ . The Contractor must maintain the required insurance coverage for the duration of the Contract. Compliance with the insurance requirements does not release the Contractor from or reduce its liability under the Contract.

The Contractor is responsible for deciding if additional insurance coverage is necessary to fulfill its obligation under the Contract and to ensure compliance with any applicable law. Any additional insurance coverage is at the Contractor's expense, and for its own benefit and protection.

The Contractor must forward to the Contracting Authority within ten (10) days after the date of award of the Contract, a Certificate of Insurance evidencing the insurance coverage and confirming that the insurance policy complying with the requirements is in force. For Canadian-based Contractors, coverage must be placed with an Insurer licensed to carry out business in Canada, however, for Foreign-based Contractors, coverage must be placed with an Insurer with an A.M. Best Rating no less than “A-”. The Contractor must, if requested by the Contracting Authority, forward to Canada a certified true copy of all applicable insurance policies.