Subsection 5.F - Contract security

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Note to reader: Security requirements clauses are no longer part of the SACC Manual. Clients must now obtain clauses tailored for each case directly from the PWGSC Contract Security Program (CSP) prior to sending their requisition for goods, services and construction (form PWGSC - TPSGC 9200) and Security Requirements Check List (SRCL) to PWGSC Allocation Unit. For more information, visit the PWGSC Contract Security Program website or Contact the CSP's Client Service Centre. Please also consult section 4.30.10 Security in contracts of the Supply Manual. SACC Manual "F" clauses are now archived on the web and available for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes.

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Date Status ID Title
1992-12-01 Cancelled F0000D ARCHIVED: Industrial Security - General Remarks (1992-12-01) F0000D
1997-02-03 Cancelled F0001D ARCHIVED: Security Requirements (1997-02-03) F0001D
1997-02-03 Cancelled F0005D ARCHIVED: Security Requirements (1997-02-03) F0005D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F1005D ARCHIVED: Protected Information - No Document Safeguarding Capability (2003-05-30) F1005D
2002-12-13 Cancelled F1006D ARCHIVED: Security Requirement for Canadian Supplier - No Access to Protected Information (2002-12-13) F1006D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F1010D ARCHIVED: Document Safeguarding and/or Production Capabilities - No EDP (2003-05-30) F1010D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F1015D ARCHIVED: Reliability Status, Designated Organization Screening and Production Capability - No EDP (2003-05-30) F1015D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F1020D ARCHIVED: Designated Organization Screening and COMSEC - No EDP (2005-06-10) F1020D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F1025D ARCHIVED: Designated Organization Screening, Reliability Status and Production Capability - No EDP (2005-06-10) F1025D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F1030D ARCHIVED: Designated Organization Screening - No Safeguarding of Material Overnight (2005-06-10) F1030D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F1035D ARCHIVED: Document Safeguard for Shredding - Protected (2003-05-30) F1035D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F2005D ARCHIVED: Facility Security Clearance - No Document Safeguarding Capability (2003-05-30) F2005D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F2010D ARCHIVED: Facility Security Clearance, Document Safeguarding and Production Capability - No EDP (2003-05-30) F2010D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F2015D ARCHIVED: Facility Security Clearance, Document Safeguarding and Production Capabilites - EDP Approved by CIISD (2003-05-30) F2015D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F2020D ARCHIVED: Facility Security Clearance, Document Safeguarding and Production Capability/COMSEC - No EDP (2005-06-10) F2020D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F2025D ARCHIVED: Classified Information/Assets and Document Safeguarding Clearance (2003-05-30) F2025D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F2030D ARCHIVED: Facility Security Clearance and Classified Information/Assets - No Safeguarding of Material Overnight (2005-06-10) F2030D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F2035D ARCHIVED: Reliability Status, Facility Security Clearance and Classified Information/Assets (2005-06-10) F2035D
1999-12-13 Cancelled F2036D ARCHIVED: Document Safeguard for Shredding - Designated (1999-12-13) F2036D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F2037D ARCHIVED: Document Safeguard for Shredding - Classified (2005-06-10) F2037D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F2038D ARCHIVED: Shredding Services at Client site with Security Cleared Personnel (2003-05-30) F2038D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F2040D ARCHIVED: Canadian Contracts - Foreign Contractor/Offeror (2005-06-10) F2040D
1995-03-31 Cancelled F2045D ARCHIVED: Security Requirements (1995-03-31) F2045D
2002-12-13 Cancelled F2046C ARCHIVED: Work Location (2002-12-13) F2046C
2005-06-10 Cancelled F2050D ARCHIVED: Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence Evaluation (2005-06-10) F2050D
2003-05-30 Cancelled F3010D ARCHIVED: Site Access Requirements Only (2003-05-30) F3010D
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5000C ARCHIVED: Security Classification (1991-06-01) F5000C
1992-08-01 Cancelled F5000T ARCHIVED: Security Classification (1992-08-01) F5000T
1992-08-01 Cancelled F5001C ARCHIVED: Security Classification (1992-08-01) F5001C
1992-08-01 Cancelled F5001T ARCHIVED: Security Classification (1992-08-01) F5001T
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5002C ARCHIVED: Security Classification (1991-06-01) F5002C
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5003D ARCHIVED: Security Clearance (1991-06-01) F5003D
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5005D ARCHIVED: Security Clearance (1991-06-01) F5005D
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5006D ARCHIVED: Security Clearance (1991-06-01) F5006D
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5007C ARCHIVED: Security Clearance (1991-06-01) F5007C
1991-06-01 Cancelled F5008C ARCHIVED: Security Requirements (1991-06-01) F5008C
1991-06-01 Cancelled F9000D ARCHIVED: Security (1991-06-01) F9000D
1991-06-01 Cancelled F9001D ARCHIVED: Secrecy and Protection of the Work (1991-06-01) F9001D
1992-01-31 Cancelled F9002D ARCHIVED: Disclosure of Information (1992-01-31) F9002D
2004-12-10 Cancelled F9005D ARCHIVED: Personnel Security Screening (2004-12-10) F9005D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F9010D ARCHIVED: Foreign Contractor/Offeror - Canadian Organization/Department (Personnel Assigned) (2005-06-10) F9010D
2005-06-10 Cancelled F9011D ARCHIVED: Site Access Clearance TBS - approval Sites Only (2005-06-10) F9011D
2004-05-14 Cancelled F9012D ARCHIVED: Canada Revenue Agency (2004-05-14) F9012D