Test Validation

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Item Information

Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2010-01-11 Active D5511C Test Validation (2010-01-11) D5511C
2007-11-30 Superseded D5511C ARCHIVED: Test Validation (2007-11-30) D5511C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in contracts where test validation is considered a requirement.

Use this clause in conjunction with D5510C or D5515C.

Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Contractor must collect a sample from the first batch of each of the items that will be supplied under the Contract. The sample must consist of a group of items or portion of products of sufficient size to conduct the testing required. The Contractor must split the sample into two equal portions. One portion must be tested by the Contractor's test facility. The other portion must be tested by a facility meeting one of the following criteria:
    1. an independent, arms length third party laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (or other nationally or internationally recognized laboratory accrediting body) to conduct the tests identified in the item specification(s) or
    2. an independent, arms length third party laboratory operating a ISO 17025:2005 system, and participating regularly in a recognized proficiency testing program for the contracted product(s).
  2. Each portion must be tested to all requirements detailed in the item specification(s). The Contractor does not have to conduct tests identified by the specification(s) as qualification tests only. The Contractor does not have to conduct a test on the first batch of items if the above program for sampling and testing has been conducted within six (6) months of the date of the Contract.
  3. The Contractor must, on receipt of the third party test report, compare the results received with those of the Contractor's own test facility. Any deviation between results obtained by the two test facilities in excess of the reproducibility of the test methods involved, must be investigated, the root cause determined and corrective action taken.
  4. The Contractor must repeat the above program for sampling and testing at least once every six (6) months during the life of the Contract.
  5. The purpose of this correlation testing is to verify the quality of the contracted item(s) and to validate the capability of the Contractor's testing facility. The test report(s) received from the third party laboratory, the Contractor's test reports for the same batch(es) of contracted item(s), reports of any investigations of deviations of the results obtained by the two laboratories and any corrective actions taken, must be made available to the Quality Assurance Representative on request. Test validation must be conducted at Contractor's expense.