Inspection and Technical Services

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2007-11-30 Active D5318C Inspection and Technical Services (2007-11-30) D5318C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in ship refit contracts, if applicable. Contracting officers must identify the "Lead On-site Inspector" in the contract.

Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Contractor must provide marine inspection and related technical services to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC), as-and-when requested in the following area(s) of expertise:
    1. __________
    2. __________
    3. __________
    4. __________ .
  2. The duties include:
    1. the examination, analysis and processing, to Inspection and Technical Services (I. & T.S.) Directorate instructions, of plans, drawings and specifications as received from contractors on site or from other sources;
    2. the examination, analysis and processing, to I. & T.S. Directorate instructions, of purchase orders or subcontracts issued by the contractors with regard to their compliance with approved drawings, specifications and amendments, special contractual requirements and the applicable Classification and Regulatory requirements;
    3. the examination of all significant material and equipment on arrival at the shipyard for compliance with the approved purchase order or subsequent requirements, physical condition and proposed storage conditions;
    4. the examination and evaluation of cost elements of design changes proposed by the Contractors during the term of the Contract;
    5. the surveillance and inspection of the work in progress at the contractors' offices and plant to ensure compliance with approved plans, drawings, specifications, contractual documents and amendments and also to ensure that the practices, procedures, techniques, workmanship, equipment and quality do not deviate from the standards as set out in the approved specifications and/or contractual documents;
    6. the inspection and approval of work in progress to ensure compliance with contractual requirements in the selection and use of critical materials and the clean and orderly assembly of units, equipment and materials so as to minimize operational problems after acceptance;
    7. the witnessing of systems and equipment preliminary tests, and trials, including dock trials for main and auxiliary machinery, evaluating results, reporting and inspecting the correction of defects;
    8. attendance at sea trials and final inspection to assist in evaluating results, compiling final defect and deficiency lists and advising the Lead On-site Inspector of the PWGSC Inspection Office on acceptability of the finished work.