Preparation for Delivery - Canadian Forces Packaging Specifications

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Item Information

Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2014-09-25 Active D3016C Preparation for Delivery - Canadian Forces Packaging Specifications (2014-09-25) D3016C
2007-11-30 Superseded D3016C ARCHIVED: Preparation for Delivery (2007-11-30) D3016C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in contracts to define the packaging specification for the procurement of items covered by a commodity packaging specification.

In the first blank, specify the item number(s).

In the second blank, insert the specified Commodity Packaging Specification number and title.

  1. D-LM-008-015/SF-000, Piezoelectric Crystals;
  2. D-LM-008-026/SF-001, Preformed Packing, Gaskets or Seals (rubber natural/synthetic, cork, asbestos or leather);
  3. D-LM-008-027/SF-001, Small Arms Weapons;
  4. D-LM-008-030/SF-001, Hose, Rubber, Plastic, Fabric or Metal (including tubing) and Fittings, Nozzles and Strainers;
  5. D-LM-008-033/SF-000, Maritime Bearings, Matched Sets;
  6. D-LM-008-035/SF-001, Electrostatic Discharge Protective Packaging - Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment;
  7. D-LM-008-037/SF-000, Antifriction Bearings (other than instrument precision bearings).

Legal text for SACC item

The Contractor must prepare item(s) ______ for delivery in accordance with the latest issue of the Canadian Forces packaging specifications _____ .