Additional Package Markings - Identical

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Item Information

Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2010-01-11 Active D2015C Additional Package Markings - Identical (2010-01-11) D2015C
2007-05-25 Superseded D2015C ARCHIVED: Additional Package Markings (2007-05-25) D2015C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in contracts when the Department of National Defence requires additional package markings and the same markings apply to all items.

Consult clause D2016C when the additional package markings are different for some items.

Contracting officer must insert all applicable information in the second blank of paragraph 1:

  1. specification number;
  2. manufacturer's name;
  3. drawing number;
  4. batch or lot number;
  5. qualification number;
  6. cure date of rubber components;
  7. data required by the contract or by the commodity specification;
  8. date of manufacture;
  9. date of repair or overhaul;
  10. name of repair or overhaul contractor;
  11. modification status;
  12. serial number; and
  13. expiration date of shelf life.

Legal text for SACC item

  1. The Contractor must ensure that in addition to the required interior and exterior package markings, the following information is provided: _______.

    Instruction to contracting officers: Insert: "For item(s) _______ :" when the information is not required for all items.

    1. ___________;
    2. ___________.
  2. These markings must be applied and positioned in accordance with Canadian Forces Packaging Specification D-LM-008-002/SF-001.