ARCHIVED Shipping instructions (Department of National Defence): Foreign-based contractors

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Legal text for SACC item

  1. Delivery will be FCA Free Carrier at _________ (insert the named place, e.g. Contractor's facility) Incoterms 2000. The Contractor must load the goods onto the carrier designated by the Department of National Defence (DND). Onward shipment from the delivery point to the consignee will be Canada's responsibility
  2. Before shipping the goods, the Contractor must contact the following DND Inbound Logistics Coordination Center by facsimile or e-mail, to arrange for shipment, and provide the information detailed at paragraph 3.
    Instruction to contracting officers: Before contract award, choose either shipping option (a), (b), (c), or (d), and delete the unused options and this instruction.
    1. Insert the following when the Contractor is located in the United States (U.S.):
      Inbound Logistics Coordination Center (ILCC):
      Telephone: 1-877-447-7701 (toll free)
      Facsimile: 1-877-877-7409 (toll free)
    2. Insert the following when the Contractor is located in United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland:
      Inbound Logistics United Kingdom (ILUK):
      Telephone: 011-44-1895-613023, or 011-44-1895-613024, or
      Facsimile: 011-44-1895-613046
      In addition, the Contractor must send to ILUK the completed form "Shipping Advice and Export Certificate" by e-mail to:
      The shipment of any items above the value of 600 GBP (pound sterling) being exported from the United Kingdom and Ireland will be cleared by DND using Her Majesty's Customs & Excise (HMCE) New Export Systems (NES). The Contractor must comply with HMCE requirements by registering with HMCE or by having a freight forwarder complete the entry. A printed copy of the NES entry Export Declaration clearly displaying the Declaration Unique Consignment Reference Number must be provided by the Contractor and attached to the consignment. The Contractor must ensure that this procedure is carried out for all stores whether they be initial purchase or repair and overhaul export items. HMCE will authorize Canadian Forces Support Unit (Europe) to ship the goods only if the procedure has been adhered to completely and properly by the Contractor. Note: To ensure you receive a reply on any contracting information such as Incoterms etc, always include the e-mail address: in carbon copy (cc).
    3. Insert the following when the Contractor is located in a country other than Canada, the U.S., the UK and Ireland:
      Inbound Logistics Europe Area (ILEA):
      Telephone: +49-(0)-2203-908-1807 or 2748 or 5304
      Facsimile: +49-(0)-2203-908-2746
      Note: To ensure you receive a reply on any contracting information such as Incoterms etc, always include the e-mail address: in carbon copy (cc).
    4. Insert the following for U.S. Foreign Military Sales (FMS):
      Inbound Logistics Coordination Center (ILCC):
      Telephone: 1-877-447-7701 (toll free)
      Facsimile: 1-877-877-7409 (toll free)
      Canada is responsible for the carrier selection for shipments of the goods supplied under this FMS contract. Instructions on how to obtain carrier selection from Canada are contained in U.S. Department of Defense 4000.25-8-M, Military Assistance Program Address Directory, and Canadian Special Instructions Indicator (SII). The Contractor must not ship the goods until the SII has been complied with.
    Instruction to contracting officers: Insert the following paragraphs 3 through 7 with all options above, except (d) - U.S. FMS, and delete this instruction.
  3. The Contractor must provide the following information to the DND Inbound Logistics contact when arranging for shipment:
    1. the Contract number;
    2. consignee address (if multiple addresses, items must be packaged and labeled separately with each consignee address);
    3. description of each item;
    4. the number of pieces and type of packaging (e.g. carton, crate, drum, skid);
    5. actual weight and dimensions of each piece type, including gross weight;
    6. copy of the commercial invoice (in accordance with clause C2608C, section 4, of the Standard Acquisition Clauses and Conditions Manual) or a copy of the Canada Border Services Agency form CI1 Canada Customs Invoice (PDF 429KB) - (Help on File Formats);
    7. Schedule B codes (for exports) and the Harmonized Tariff Schedule codes (for imports);
    8. North American Free Trade Agreement Certificate of Origin (in accordance with clause C2608C, section 2) for the U.S. and Mexico only;
    9. full details of dangerous material, as required for the applicable mode of transportation, signed certificates for dangerous material as required for shipment by the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, or International Air Transport Association regulations or the applicable Canadian Dangerous Goods Shipping Regulations and a copy of the safety data sheet.
  4. Following receipt of this information by Canada, Canada will provide the appropriate shipping instructions, which may include the requirement for specific consignee address labelling, the marking of each piece with a Transportation Control Number and customs documentation.
  5. The Contractor must not ship goods before receiving shipping instructions from the DND Inbound Logistics contact.
  6. If the Contractor delivers the goods at a place and time that are not in accordance with the given delivery instructions or fail to fulfill reasonable delivery instructions given by Canada, the Contractor must reimburse Canada any additional expenses and costs incurred.
  7. If Canada is responsible for delays in delivering the goods, ownership and risk will be transferred to Canada upon expiry of either 30 days following the date on which a duly completed shipping application is received by Canada or by its appointed forwarding agent, or 30 days following the delivery date specified in the Contract, whichever is later.