Tooling Loaned by Department of National Defence

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Item Information

Revision History

Date Status ID Title
2008-05-12 Active B7009C Tooling Loaned by Department of National Defence (2008-05-12) B7009C

Remarks – Recommended Use of SACC Item

Use the following clause in contracts when tooling is provided by the Department of National Defence (DND) to the contractor for the performance of the contract. Disposal, Sales, Artefacts, Loans (DSAL) will establish a loan agreement with terms and conditions to manage all DND-owned loaned material.

Legal text for SACC item

  1. The tooling listed in the supporting Department of National Defence (DND) loan agreement is required to perform the Work under the Contract and will be supplied FOB Destination by DND. The cutting tools will not be supplied. The provided tooling remains the property of Canada.
  2. Upon completion of the Contract, the Contractor must inspect the tooling provided to the Contractor by DND for condition and count and must repair, replace or reimburse any items found unserviceable. The Contractor must report non-repairable items and list any components that have been lost or are non-repairable and send the list to the Contracting Authority. Each item will also include a Materiel Condition Tag CF 942. At the completion of the Contract, the Contractor must have in its possession a complete set of tooling in serviceable condition.
  3. The Contractor must return the tooling prepaid immediately upon completion of the Contract to the point of issue for catalogued material. Non catalogued stock (without NATO Stock Numbers), will be directed through consultation between the Life Cycle Material Managers (LCMMs), technical authorities and Disposal, Sales, Artefacts & Loans (DSAL).
  4. The items must be packaged in accordance with best commercial standards to ensure safe arrival at destination. Items must be tagged with a CF 942 tag identifying:
    1. description;
    2. kit number;
    3. quantity;
    4. condition; and
    5. Technical Inspector (name, signature, telephone number).
  5. Items not identified or packaged as required above and that are found to be unserviceable will be returned to the Contractor. The Contractor will be responsible for return shipping costs and associated labour costs involved.
  6. Hazmat items must be clearly marked and made safe for redistribution in accordance with the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act and its regulations.